Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yay! My first Lmms project...

I discovered the free and open source tool LMMS a few days ago via some post in the forum. The software seemed so easy to use and so inviting to experiment with that I just had to try it out.

Love it or hate it... here's my first lmms project:

In case you'd want to reuse the choral parts I wrote for this piece (one never knows :) ) you can download the entire .mmpz file here: (creative commons attribution share-alike v3.0 license)

The music was completely made with lmms in debian linux. It probably sounds best with decent headphones or a decent speaker set with subwoofer.
The video was made with kdenlive on debian linux.
Have fun!
(Oh and did I mention already that comments and constructive criticisms are welcome? :D )

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