Saturday, May 19, 2012

Concert Announcement: Daydream lullaby.


"Aperitif" concert for mixed choir with instrumental and textual intermezzi. Music from a variety of different style periods and moods.


Gasthuisberg - Auditorium GA2 - Onderwijs & Navorsing 1 - Herestraat 49 - 3000 Leuven - Belgium.


3rd of june, at 11am



Capella Academica, personel choir from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, conducted by Dieter Staelens.


Veerle Foulon

Piano Accompaniment

Annelynn Bailleu


I will actively participate in this concert: both as a singer and as piano player during the instrumental intermezzi. One of the intermezzi is composed by me: "Meditation" for piano and cello (written on jan 1st 2012, style: Eric Satie meets Philip Glass (I'm modest like that ;) ). The other two intermezzi are written by Philip Gaubert (Divertissement Grec, written in 1908, style: early 20th century, with a touch of impressionism) and Emile Kronke (the first of his "Deux Papillons" op 165, written in 1921, style: early 20th century). The cello will be played by Arthur Spaepen. The flutes will be played by Lotte Goyvaerts and Koen Eneman.

If the music is not enough reason to motivate you, there will be a free reception afterwards...

I want to order tickets!

But of course :-) You can reserve them online using the ticket reservation form. The prices are:
  • € 9: standard price
  • € 7: personel KU Leuven, -18, students, 65+
  • € 6: holders of a culture card
  • € 10: at the entrance, on the day of the concert

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