Wednesday, September 5, 2012


University of the Philippines singing ambassadors

Today I had the chance to sing a song (well, two actually) with the University of the Philippines singing ambassadors (UPSA) in Leuven, Belgium. I can honestly say that it was a special experience in my life. The rest of the concert was superb, phenomenal - with a convincing display of a great range of musical styles (classical, contemporary classical, broadway (musical including stage play), folklore) and including some stunning renditions of breath-takingly difficult pieces (who wrote that "de profundis"?).

The really humbling part is where they tell you they are not music students (at least not all of them; some I spoke to were training to become an engineer). They practice their art 4 times a week. I'm sure there's no other way to arrive at this incredible level where they sound the way they sound. Having participated in 21 contests around the world, they won 21 first prizes and some other honorary prizes. The result of their regular hard work is simply stunning. Congratulations!!

If you ever have a chance to see them perform, don't hesitate. Too bad they had to leave in a hurry to be in Germany by tomorrow morning 6 o'clock - you can't let the president of Germany wait ;)

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