Sunday, November 25, 2012

Broken Glass

After finishing an online course on modern and contemporary American poetry (yes! I took the already legendary "ModPo 2012"!) I start getting a little bit more time again to write some music.

The course was splendid and I would recommend everyone to subscribe to the next edition. One of the poems we discussed was William Carlos William's "Between Walls", and the poem inspired me to write this "Broken Glass" piece. The title of course refers both to the contents of the WCW poem, and to the broken chords and Philip Glass style music.

The recording has some mistakes. I'm having trouble with my recording device and by the time I managed to play something and make a recording of it, my right hand was getting too tired. (The piano has a rather heavy touch.)

This musical work is literally composed of pieces of broken chords. I never play it the same twice in a row. I just select fragments at random while playing. It's so much fun it should be forbidden! If you took ModPo 2012 as well, you will understand why ;-)

Can you find the wedding bells? Feel free to leave comments!

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